Sub-brand design
ProAsist is no ordinary technical services company. They set forth to solve electrical problems for clients, and in the course of their journey, they added mechanical competency along with their skill for empathy, becoming a source of uninterruptible power that facilitates life on a daily basis for hundreds of companies.
ProAsist believes that companies, like people, are 'living organisms'. They know well that just like people, they produce and add value as they live; and when they are worn down with time, they need to have their immune system bolstered so they can live on.
"Living Company" means business, production, employment, innovation, efficiency, energy, development and dynamism. "Living Company" means labor, earnings, a future, a developing sector, and a growing economy.
With all this valuable strategy in mind, we designed their three sub-brand logos, their launch communication materials including a lively and creative animation.