Cultral Relief Programme
At the end of 2015, Turkey has accepted approximately two million refugees from Syria and Iraq. Some of these refugees unfortunately live in enclosed camps that are largely inaccessible from the outside. However, most of them who are so-called urban refugees, live in Mardin, near the Syrian border, as well as in just about every large city in Turkey. More than 500,000 refugees live in Istanbul alone.
The Goethe-Institut Istanbul conducts projects that are especially designed to assist these refugees in their current precarious situation. The measures being implemented in Istanbul focus on language instruction programmes, aiming to prepare refugees for their arrival in Germany by providing them with language training and cultural information about Germany, as well as various trauma therapy measures, using art, dance and music therapy programmes.
For this project we designed brochures, fold-out posters, a folder holding all posters, and a catalogue for the photography exhibition.