Bürotime X Orgatec
Concept Development
Orgatec Fair, the most important meeting of the office furniture industry, brought together industry professionals from all over the world in Cologne, Germany, between 25-29 October 2022. Bürotime participated in the fair organized under the title of “New Visions of Work” this year. They asked us to work on the concept and create the entire visual concept for the fair.
We; In the conditions of the pandemic and in the rapidly developing digital transformation processes, we set out from the fact that everyone feels the vitality of the concept of "Balance" in all areas of life, especially balancing of work and life.
Bürotime emphasized the importance of catching “Balance” in all areas of life in the face of flexible working hours, dynamics of working regardless of location and the speed of digital communication.

We created:
Concept idea
Concept logo
Concept animation
Social media visuals
Colleterals to be used at the fair