We have been working with PEP since March 2019 and are wondering why we didn’t start any sooner! We first started working together for our restaurant chain brand Dardenia. PEP helped us elaborate our brand identity through simple and clean cut design features. They supported us in attaining a younger, simpler and more modern approach in terms of design and communication. We then started working for our Dardanel and Mr. NO brands, focusing on creating specific visual guidelines for each brand and product categories, and re-designed all our packaging materials.

PEP is more than a creative agency to us, they are our business partners. They give tremendous importance to details and never submit a work that is half done. We love their taste, energy and ambition!

Ayşe Önen
Executive Board Member of Dardanel
Chief Executive Officer of Dardenia

It has been a great pleasure working with PEP Creative Design Studio (formerly known as ZE Tasarim) for the last 4 years. Ever since I met Zeynep Tonguc and her team through a common client, PEP has become my designated design agency of recommendation for all my clients’ projects.

Besides their strategic, minimal and sophisticated approach to design which I find to be quite impactful, I’ve always appreciated their professionalism, promptness, collaborative spirit, willingness to push limits, genuine interest in any project despite its size and finally, personable and empathetic interaction with clients. I am so proud of the work we’ve done together over the years.

It’s not always easy to depend on third parties when it comes to addressing a design problem for a precious client of yours or a strategy you’ve crafted after months and months of work. I am ever so grateful to find a dedicated team, an agency that has been so instrumental in bringing to life the strategic work I’ve been developing year after year or an authentic idea.

PEP Creative Design Studio is that smart, strategic, boutique design agency that one can always rely on with their eyes closed, although their work is always easy on the eye:)

Meltem Çakır
Founder & Chief Strategist
Meltem Çakır Brand & Communication Consultancy

Always a pleasure to work with PEP Creative. Since the first day that we began doing business with PEP Creative, it's been nothing but a pleasurable experience. Zeynep and her team have shown nothing but excellence in the product and service that they have provided. They worked closely with us in the development and design of our Corporate Identity when the school has established in 2014. They always completed our projects in a timely manner and exceed our expectations no matter how big the project is. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. They are very professional and happy people and you know you’ll receive a quick, innovative and no fuss service.

Uğur Ersözlü
SEV American College
Corporate Communications Executive
We have been working effortlessly with Zeynep and her creative team for almost 10 years for our VitrA and Artema brands. It cannot be said that we are an easy client with our urgent workload and short project deadlines. But Zeynep and her great team know very well how to do great work in a short time. We are very fortunate to have a strong solution partner that we can fully trust, like PEP. Thank you very much, PEP team, especially for always smiling and your supportive and positive attitude!
Seda Şanlı
Brand Communication Specialist
We have been working with PEP for our endorser brand as well as 6 school brands under it. These are 150 years old brands with a complex decision mechanism. It is not always easy to work for such heritage brands. Mostly the issues are to be handled with delicacy, the “to do list” gets very long or projects remain open for long time, however Zeynep and her team never complains. They always handle this with kindness and patience. I adore their “can do” attitude.
PEP has both a sweet sincerity and a German discipline. It is hard to find such a combination. We are lucky to have it!
Özlem Dilber
Head of Marketing
SEV and American Schools

As Sony Eurasia, we have been working with PEP since 2016, for one of our most beloved brands: PlayStation. Besides the fun and entertaining part of our job, the work we are doing with our design agency requires a very serious business discipline with strict global guidelines, very tight deadlines, and lots of confidential and sensitive information going through. We are responsible of a love brand followed by millions of fanatics all over the world, and most of the time it puts an extra burden on our shoulders. We need strong solution partners like PEP whom we can fully trust and rely on. I am especially impressed by their fast adaptation to new ways of working and trends, strong attention to detail skills, and their supporting and positive attitude at all times. Thank you, PEP team!

Duygu Yıldırım
PlayStation Turkey Marketing Manager
Since 2010, all creative works of SushiCo and Chinese&Sushi Express have been in the hands of PEP Creative. They are not like a business partner, but like a family member. We are very happy to work with this team who knows us as well as we do.
PEP Creative always follows the trends and is highly creative. Business discipline is high, they are accessible at any time, with no agency-customer relationship. Make a call and meet on the spot, whatever the project is, they produce instant ideas. 
Most importantly, sincerity and kindness can sometimes be valuable even from the most beautiful design.
We Love You Dear Zeynep and the Precious PEP Creative Team!
Gülçağ Saral
SushiCo Marketing Manager

We have been conducting a pleasant and productive business partnership since 2017. In addition to the business partnership, we make actually a very good team working together. We have created fine work, as two teams that understand each other really well. With their fast and disciplined working style, our menus and other designs are entrusted to PEP. We are so glad Zeynep and her team exists.

Tuğçe Çer
Cookshop Brand Manager